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Configuration rolled back automatically with no logs?

I got a notification from a user over the weekend that one of our buildings was having trouble with wireless.  In the course of investigation, I found out that the switch, an ICX 7450, was using an old configuration file.


The configuruation that was in use was the oldest one that matched the firmware on the switch (8.0.30k).  The baseline config was older still, but was for an older version of FW (8.0.30e).


I've been through every log that I can find (Splunk, CLI deployment logs), and I can't find anything that would indicate a reason for the config to have reverted.  The config that it reverted to removed jumbo frames, which would have required a reboot of the switch, and our NMS does show a couple minutes of downtime 3 days after that config change was made, but there's nothing in the logs to indicate that BNA pushed a config change.


Really baffled about this.  FWIW, we're on BNA v 12.4.4.  Any advice appreciated.

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