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Changing the IP address of the BNA server

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I'm working on a customer site and we need to migrate the BNA server from one Datacentre to another. Part of this move will involve changing the VLAN the server operates on and obviously changing the IP address of the BNA server. BNA is SAN only and v12.0.1 and the included SMI-S agent is being used by HItachi Tuning Manager Agent.


Is there a predefined procedure for this activity, or any gotcha's I need to be aware of.


Many thanks.

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Re: Changing the IP address of the BNA server

You might want to unregister the older BNA server IP from the SNMP Trap and Syslog destinations on the switches and register the new IP address.


Apart from this once the server starts you go to the Server options dialog and change the IP that the Server should use to communicate with the switches.


I think that should cover almost all of what's needed to get you going.

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Re: Changing the IP address of the BNA server

Following could help as options to migrate the data and change the BNA server IP address


  • Option 1
    • Share the drive on which BNA is installed
    • Install BNA on a the new server and migrate the data from the current server (remote drive can be picked as the source in the data migration page), details are documented in the installation guide
  • Option 2
    • Take a backup from the Option dialog
    • Restore the data on the new server using the restore tab in the Server Management Console
    • Rerun the configuration wizard and pick the new IP address




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