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Cannot connect to Web GUI (help?)


I am a networks administrator with an IBM Blade Array.

In that array we have a pair of Brocade 4GB Fibre switches connected to our SAN.

I can connect to one of the switch's web GUI but not the other one.

Both switches respond to Ping and I can telnet & ssh into both switches.

Can anyone help?.

Peter P.

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Re: Cannot connect to Web GUI (help?)


is the WebTools attributes set to enable ?

Can be set with the command configure, for details refer the CLI guide.

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Re: Cannot connect to Web GUI (help?)

WebTools attrbute isn''t enable on either switch but the 1st switch i can still access the GUI.

We have been able to access to GUI but now we can't.

On Port Scan we can't see it listening to any incoming traffic on 80 or 443.

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Re: Cannot connect to Web GUI (help?)

Here what you could do

1.       Were you able to connect to the switches with the webtools in the past. If yes

2.       Used this command to see if the switches is listening to the port
telnet 80

3.       Two things could happen either you will receive a message that you cannot connect to the switch or no message is displayed. If no message is displayed run the commands get to see if the webD process is receiving the call, it should reply with some HTML Tag.

4.       if you cannot connect make sure that there is no device between you and the switch that could block a web session

5.       Last what I would suggest is that you reboot the switch with the HAREBOOT command. This command is the same command that is call when the fabric OS upgrade is complete and it is not disruptive to IO. I do not know what kind of environment you have or switch model and Fabric OS so you will had to decided if you want to use it on your on risk

Good luck

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