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CPU Alarm for VDX and ICX switch

[ Edited ]

No configuration needed for VDX and ICX switces.

Part A
1. Monitor > Performance > Historical Data Collector.
2. Choose the collector according to firmware model
NI/FI CPU/Memory Util Collector --> ICX FastIron
NOS CPU/Memory Util Collector --> VDX NOS
3. Check the define threshold & rearm event and enter the value, as well severity.
4. Finish

Part B
1. Monitor > Event Processsing > Event Action
2. Add/ Edit event
3. Enter event name and next
4. Enter the following for Event tab.
Show: Custom Event
Event Category: Management Server Event
Severity: As same like the severity configured in Part A
NOS - Description contained: swCpuUsage
NI/FI - Description contained: snAgGblCpuUtilData
5. for the rest just enter accordingly will do.

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Re: CPU Alarm for VDX and ICX switch

@DMX-GuoHan   QQ were you replying to another thread or did you question get truncated from your post?


Let me know if I can help.





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Re: CPU Alarm for VDX and ICX switch

At first I was trying to ask this question.

Since no one is replying and I have discovered the answer after that, so I changed my question into solution. :)

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