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Brocade network advisor 12.3.1



Yesterday I upgraded my brocade network advisor from 12.1.1 to 12.3.1. After successful upgrade I noticed extra drop down Name Hosts which I never seen in previous version. I searched for documentation to understand what it does and couldn't find any useful information. 


The question here is


1. What Hosts drop down list mean ?.

2. Why it mapped only few hosts not all?.

3. How can I discover  all other hosts ?.


If any useful documentation about this please share the same.




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Re: Brocade network advisor 12.3.1

We have our BNA talking with HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) and it populates the Hosts list with all of the virtuals servers connecting to the fabric through the Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Modules.


I think it can also populate with hosts if you have your BNA polling information from vmware virtual centers...

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Re: Brocade network advisor 12.3.1



You can discover hosts in BNA using either of the following mechanism


1) Hosts having Brocade Adapters can be discovered using Discover Hosts menu option.

2) Hosts connected to the fabric will be automatically discovered when you discover the fabric in BNA

3) VCenter discovery will discover all the ESX/ESXi hosts and all the adapters.


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