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Brocade SMI Agent Design Best Practices - multiple agents required...

Hi there,

I am setting up a performance management application from Hitachi called Tuning Manager and it plugs into a pair of Brocade fabrics via the Brocade SMI-S Agent and switch fabric proxy design.

Each Brocade fabric stretches between two sites.

Tuning Manager is active at one site and "disabled" at the other site. In a DR situation, we import or restore the Tuning Manager configuration and bring it online.

Now the big design question is around the Brocade SMI-S Agent (SMI-A) for FOS design.

Good news, you can configure multiple switch proxies per SMI-A across multiple fabrics, across different subnets. You can designate multiple proxies into a fabric.

But only one connection at a time into the fabric is allowed.

Design idea 1:

setup one SMI-A per site

configure SMI-A for both fabrics, pointing to local switches as primary proxies and to remote switches as secondary proxies

disable one of the SMI-A

So in a DR situation, I'll have to enable the SMI-A and reconfigure Tuning Manager to point to the local SMI-A.

Would anyone care to comment or share other design ideas?

Kind Regards,

Alex Rappoport

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