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Brocade Network Advisor server as VM or physical?

Hello all,


I am currently planning to setup a BNA in our environment where we would like to manage our Brocade FC environment for the 3 Datacenters (currently we are using the HP B-series SAN Network Advisor 12.0.0 for 1 Datacenter to manage the FC environment). The other 2 Datacenter will also now get a Brocade FC environment.

I am wondering if my BNA server should be a VM or physical? The reason why I currently prefer a physical box is because my virtual environment also dependents on the SAN which is connected to the FC environment.


Thanks for your feedback.



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Re: Brocade Network Advisor server as VM or physical?

It's probably a good idea to make sure that it is independent of the SAN. Otherwise it gets tough if you do need to troubleshoot a major issue.


I would probably still run it as a VM, but just use local storage. i.e. install ESXi on a server, and run a single VM on the server for BNA. Performance will be near-identical to running BNA directly on the server, but the advantage is that you can easily move it to a new server if/when you need to upgrade the underlying hardware. Also makes it easy to do snapshots, etc.

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