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Brocade Network Advisor license not working for v14.4.x

We need to deploy a new BNA instance on a Windows 2016 server.  We installed BNA v14.4.1 which is the first version that supports Win 2016 but when we selected the BNA .xml license key file issued to us an error message is prompted that this is an invalid license.

I believe that the issue is that our BNA license is an "IP & SAN MGMT" license and because IP management is removed from BNA v14.4.x we cannot apply this license to any v14.4.x installation.

Any idea how should we proceed?

I've sent an email to "" which I believe is dealing with Brocade software licensing queries.

Thanks for the help!


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Re: Brocade Network Advisor license not working for v14.4.x


The Community  platform is migrating as well as BSN support  tools   I've sent a message to the team regarding your question. 

Thank you for your patience.


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