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Brocade Network Advisor - Technical How-To - Using the BNA Dashboard

by Mike Eversole on ‎11-17-2014 04:23 PM (8,108 Views)

Description:  Matt Malczyk from Brocade’s Solutions Lab introduces Brocade Network Advisor at the dashboard level. He shows us how to customize the dashboards, building on the out-of-the-box capabilities to create a view that visualizes all the critical information you need to get a complete picture of the health and performance of your network. Matt also highlights how to collect sFlow data, and touches on the value of the configuration and policy management features, as well as the event and master logs.

Presenter:  Matt Malczyk

Video Length:  7:24



a. Dashboard Introduction
b. IP Device Widget 00:40
c. Event Log 01:11
d. Performance Widgets 01:47
e. sFlow Data Collection 02:37
f. Dashboard Customization 03:07
g. Adding & Removing Widgets 03:56
h. Dashboard Time Scope 05:41
i. Custom Dashboard Pane 05:50
j. Network Master Log 06:02
k. Configuration and Policy Management Icons 06:12