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Brocade Host-Based SMI Agent - How to download

I'm trying to download the " Brocade Host-Based SMI Agent "

It seems the are two types of SMI agents:
1. The Brocade Host-Based SMI Agent is a proxy agent that resides on a separate host system.  <<--- this is the one we need
2. The
Integrated SMI Agent that comes with Brocade Network Advisor

From this web page:

"Please Note: The Brocade Host-Based SMI Agent downloads and documentation have been moved to MyBrocade. They can be found under the downloads section."

But when I log into MyBrocade, I cannot find any SMI Agent to download on the product download search tool
but this other link that says:

Other Downloads Available on

--> This is the initial page we used before:

Q. Do you know where I can find these Brocade Host-Based SMI Agents to donwload?

Thanks in advance,
Miguel Angel

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Re: Brocade Host-Based SMI Agent - How to download

SMI-Agent is a part on BNA, there is no separate Download.



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Re: Brocade Host-Based SMI Agent - How to download

Miguel that support page is out of date and we will need to get it updated. The supported SMI-S approach now is based on BNA. You can download and choose the SMI-S only option to use it,





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