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Brocade CIMOM agent

Hi Gurus,

One of my customer wants to monitor performance of brocade 4800 series switch .

Where can I download Brocade CIMOM agent for  Tivoli Productivity Center.

Is this a server side s/w component?

Or in general,  is there any free native brocade s/w available to monitor the FC switch.



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Re: Brocade CIMOM agent

I don't know about an CIMON agent.

With regard to your last question > you can use DCFM which is free as proffesional edition.

It does have limitations compared to the pro plus and enterprise editions, but give it an testdrive to find out if its usable.

If you don't mind to get your hand dirty, you could go voor something like Nagios, PRTG or Cacti and collect data using SNMP

I've only used Cacti and I like it, bur you do have tp make an effort.

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Re: Brocade CIMOM agent

Common Information Model agents CIMOM as described at IBM site.

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