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Brocade Access gateway and trunking


i use brocade access gateway between  HP blade Brocade 8G and  DCX 4S edge connectrix.

Brocade Access gateway is usefull for simplify administration but i want more than a simply failover,

and i want a Trunking with F_port on the DCX.

it seem trunking is only possible inside a  contiguous eight ports as one group ?

someone are some experience about this ?



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Re: Brocade Access gateway and trunking

--->>> it seem trunking is only possible inside a  contiguous eight ports as one group ?



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Re: Brocade Access gateway and trunking

Hi Pascal,

If you switch is in AG mode it won't be possible to enable trunking. You will have to put it into switch mode. You will need a Fabrics License and also the Trunking license on that switch as well. The trunks can only be enabled inside a port group (8 ports)

Check the Brocade Access Gateway Administrator's Guide for more information:


When using a Brocade switch in Access  Gateway mode, most features are no longer applicable.

These  features include Admin Domains, Advanced Performance Monitoring, direct  connection to

SAN target  devices, Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop support, Fabric Manager, FICON,  IP over FC, ISL

trunking,  extended fabrics, management platform services, name services (SNS),  port mirroring,

Secure  Fabric OS, SMI-S, and zoning. These switch features are available in  the default switch mode of operation.

Access Gateway does not support any Secure  Fabric OS features. All the security enforcement is

done in the  enterprise fabric. DCC policy in the enterprise fabric should include  N_Port WWN and

port WWNs  of all F_Ports on Access Gateway mapped to that N_Port. In case of DCC  policy

violation,  the port in the enterprise fabric to which N_Port is connected will be  disabled. This will

bring  down the corresponding N_Port and F_Ports mapped to it on Access  Gateway.

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