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BNA hostgroup help

I'm hoping someone could explain to me what I'm seeing, or point me towards some documentation for host groups / host port mapping.

I'm using BNA 11.1.4 (it's actually IBM's rebranded version).  What I see is, in the startup screen product list panel, in tree form, all the fabric names, under those the component switches, and under those the attached devices.  This is what I expect.  But for one of the fabrics, I also see "host group" and "storage group" items.  I don't understand why I only see these under one fabric.

I'm sort of familiar with host port mapping, which creates hostgroups (though it's been since EFCM days that I've used it).  And I see a main level Hosts branch which contains all the defined hostgroups.  In the fabric with the "Host Group" branch, it seems that each defined hostgroup is listed (that is, the same list that is in the Hosts branch), but only the members on this particular fabric are shown, while the Hosts branch lists members regardless of fabric.  Even this I'm okay with, though it seems a bit repetative to list the hostgroups here and at the top level.  The fabric level host group tree also seems to show _every_ HBA attached to the switch, even those not associated with a group.

But why don't I see the Host Group branch on other fabrics?  Is it a view setting I've missed?  Switch configuration?

I've attached a screenshot of the product list.

I'm sure there's something basic and simple I'm overlooking - if someone could point it out I'd appreciate it...


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