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BNA forwarding SNMP version conversion?

Can BNA convert received SNMPs from SAN switches to v1 or v2 when forwarding to a
monitoring system?


If not how should we configure the SNMP set-up and will we lose any potential alerts?

We have configured the Brocade switches to send SNMP v3 to a BNA server since we are under
the impression that v3 is necessary to get all the alerts, and wish in turn to forward them to TNG.


FOS 7.2.1
BNA 12.1.4
SAN switches are configured to send SNMP v3 to BNA.
BNA configured to forward SNMP v1/v2 to TNG monitoring system.
TNG monitoring system which can only handle SNMP v1 or v2.

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Re: BNA forwarding SNMP version conversion?



Server -> Options -> Trap forwarding Credentials allows you to configure the snmp credentials for the traps forwarded by BNA

i am not sure though if you configure v1/v2 it will forward v3 traps


the documentation is not clear to me




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