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BNA V11.1.4 fabric discovery problem

Hi Folks,

We had V11.1.2 of HP SAN Network Advisor running for months fine with 20-30 switches in each of
two fabrics.
I upgraded to V11.1.4 with a new database (moved to another drive) and fabric discovery (both
fabrics) seems to trip over switches in AG mode or HP VCFC switches that are being polled. (screen shot attached)

Can’t seem to find any issues with the Brocade switches in AG mode and maybe guess the error
message during discovery has something to do with
BNA trying to access the  HP VCFC switches.

V11.1.2 discovers all switches fine. Anyone had fabric discovery issues with V11.1.4 with switches in AG mode

or VCFC switches on the fabric? I know VCFC switches do hang out on their own once discovered.
11.1.4 release notes have no mention.. Some info below..


Bob MacLean

Storage Technology Consultant

Hewlett-Packard Co.

DCX-FabA-SW36:admin> agshow

Worldwide Name            Ports   Enet IP Addr    Firmware                        Local/Remote   Name


10:00:00:05:1e:03:d0:ec    24   v6.2.2f                        local          bfabaesw228

10:00:00:11:0a:00:19:38    24   v6.1.0_uth5                    remote         VCFC2CN8015D033

10:00:00:11:0a:00:36:b9    24   v6.1.0_uth4                    local          VCFC2CN8052D05C


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Re: BNA V11.1.4 fabric discovery problem

Have a look in the server log file during the discovery of the switch.  I had an issue like this, but it had to do with an IP problem on the switch I was trying to discover and not AG mode.

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Re: BNA V11.1.4 fabric discovery problem

Hi Booth..

Good Hint..!

I also have discovered in my environmment another dual fabric with only 3 switches in each fabric

with no AG mode or VCFC switches has the same error thats discovers and works fine in 11.1.2. I can log into all switches manualy with the credentials BNA discovery requests OK and SNMP settings look fine and fails with either V1 or V3 settings if I unselect "Auto" for SNMP.

Not sure, but I see what appears to be maybe IPV6 IP adresses for seed switch in the server log in access gateway text ..???? Could be a red herring..

2012-11-20 13:27:50,397 WARN  (fabricCollectionDiscoveryThreadPool (Thread-1)) Got CALException while querying seed switch using IP address 2001:1890:1109:980:205:1EFF:FE50:8500 to collect AG details : Connection timed out: connect 2012-11-20 13:27:50,404 ERROR (fabricCollectionDiscoveryThreadPool (Thread-1)) Exception while discovering fabric: Failed to discover Access Gateways: Connection timed out:  Software caused connection abort: connect


Bob MacLean

Storage Technology Consultant

Hewlett-Packard Co.

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