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BNA REST API: Physical and FC Switches

Hi there,


Iam coding a rest API Script that shows me every fabric and their switches. Unfortunatly the  url "/rest/resourcegroups/All/fcswitches/" output does not contain any information about Firmware, IP etc. To get this data I use the url "/rest/resourcegroups/All/physicalswitches". The output contains every information I want.


My problem is that I can't match the data from both urls to create a list with information for every switch from both urls.


My first idea was to match the information by using the wwns of both outputs. But I've forgotten that logical switchtes have their own wwn. Comparing the wwns of logical switches belonging to same physical, I saw that only the last position of the wwns differ. Running the script like this I had to learn that this is not the same for all switches an their logicals....


Has anyone tried this before and found a way to match both ouputs? Searching the community I didn't find a thread with a problem like mine.


Thanks in advance


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Re: BNA REST API: Physical and FC Switches



Please find attached a document that will help you for match the switch information with REST.


See the logical view for retrieve the necessary information page 98.

You will need to follow the REST organization for that with path:


Then with the different fcfkey retrieve the corresponding fcswitches

An then with the different fcskey retrieve the physicalswitches...






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