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BNA Drive space requirement & file question

We have our BNA installed on a 250GB drive, but it currently has only 51GB of free space.  BNA is currently using approx. 150GB of that space and seems to continously grow.  The folder that contains the majority of the data is the following:


Network Advisor 14.0.1\data\databases\base\16384\


My question is how can I ensure it doesn't grow too much more.  My backups are done off that drive and my syslog files are pulled off as well. 

What are the settings that I should look at to ensure we are keeping what we need, but at the same time pushing off other items for storage/backup.  The growth seems to have stopped (or slowed), I just would prefer not allocated much more space if we don't need (for the main system).


Just wondering how others setup theres and the space they are using. My organization currently has 600+ managed devices so we are considered "Large".

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Re: BNA Drive space requirement & file question



Additionaly, event log location is at:

<BNA Install Folder>\logs and <BNA Install Folder>\logs\server

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