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BNA - Capture Port Status Change Messages



I am unable to get Port Status Change Messages in BNA.. I've tried configuring the Port Status Messages as specified in the SAN User Manual 12.1.0 but still am unable to get these messages..


As per the document.. Product status events:


Event Category: Product status events



Product status events indicate a change in the status of the product; for example, changes in the

state of the port, the field replaceable unit (FRU), the sensor, or the CP.
Traps that begin with any of the following OIDs are categorized as product status events.
• [connUnitStatusChange]
• [connUnitSensorStatusChange]
• [connUnitPortStatusChange]
• [swFCPortScn]
• [swDeviceStatusTrap]
• [fruStatusChanged]
• [cpStatusChanged]


If the event is a RASLOG and if the RASLOG ID matches any of the RASLOGS listed below, then the
event is categorized as a product status event.
• FW-1424
• FW-1425
• FW-1426
• FW-1427
• FW-1428
• FW-1429
• FW-1430
• FW-1431
• FW-1432
• FW-1433
• FW-1434
• FW-1435
• FW-1436
• FW-1437
• FW-1438
• FW-1439
• FW-1440
• FW-1441
• FW-1442
• FW-1443
• FW-1444

BNA Version: 12.2.0


Have any one added these kind of events before?


Thanks in advance!





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