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BNA Alert Customization



Just wondering if you have done this customization before ?


We like configure BNA for below issues, can you give us solutions ?


  1. How to modify the Email sender from to ?\
  2. How to modify the Email’s Subject from “SAN Event Alert” to “SAN Event Alert from Non-Prod Fabric” ?
  3. How to display the Event from “Port 157 (7/29) to a hostname (e.g. cmnnnbu01_fc0) ?
  4. How to display the Source from “sanpsd01-21” to sanpsd01 Non-Production Fabric ?



Current Alert


Network Advisor  E-mail Report - Product Event


Network Advisor Version: 12.3.0

Network Advisor Build: 213

Network Advisor Server Address:

Date: Wed Nov 18 04:48:45 CST 2015

Event: Latency bottleneck on port 1/18. 0.00 pct. of 60 secs. affected. Avg. delay 0 us. Avg. slowdown 0.

Severity: Warning


IP Address:

Source: sanpsd01-11



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Re: BNA Alert Customization

To change the "From" address, go to Monitor -> Event Notification -> E-mail.


From there you can change the "Reply Address."


You can customise some of the other message formats, but something to think about is "Where is BNA going to get that information from?" 


So for item 2 below, where will BNA learn that it is on the "Non-Prod Fabric" ? There's ways of doing this, based upon how you group devices, what custom fields are in use, etc, but it's something to think about.

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