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BNA 14.3 - What is the Detailed Definition of the FCIP " Link Retransmits"

I am seeking a detailed definition of what is meant by FCIP tunnel "Link Retransmits" metric found in the BNA (v14.x).


The BNA 14.3.0 guide on page 376 provides a very weakly worded definition.


 Link Retransmits — The number of retransmitted links.
 Timeout Retransmits — The number of retransmits due to timeout


I am amiliar with fcip tunnel "Timeout Retransmits" condition, that is understood.


However, there is no such thing as a "retransmitted link".   


Anyone have a information source citing what the BNA developers meant by  

Link Retransmits = The number of retransmitted links  ?


The only assumption I can make is this "may" mean the retransmit of control frames

when an FCIP tunnel is dropped for such things as loss of keepalive, but I could be



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