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BNA 14.0.1 install certificate



how do I create a certificate request and install the certificate for a BNA 14 using LINUX ?

I couldn't find anything in the documentation ...

Or can I create a WEB Server certificate and install it somewhere ?


Bye, Peer

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Re: BNA 14.0.1 install certificate



Below are extra details:


The server does authenticate itself with the client using its keystore certificate.

<BNA-install-dir>/conf/security/keystore.jks: Java KeyStore

c:\Program Files\Network Advisor 12.4.2\conf\security\keystore.jks

The Certificate Management (Server > Options > Software Configuration > Certificate) is the only method for importing and replacing certificates.

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Posts: 24
Registered: ‎08-16-2005

Re: BNA 14.0.1 install certificate

Thanks for the info. I couldn't find a way to import an certificate at this point under linux.

There are a lot of manuls for tomcat showing how to replace the self signed certificate,

but I'm not sure if it would work here.

Why is there no entry in the man pages ?


I'll open a ticket.


Bye, Peer

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