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BNA 12.4 - replaced ICX switches with VDX, BNA won´t rediscover them

Dear colleagues, we recently replaces ICX with VDX series for some devices, they're running with the same IP addresses as the decomissioned  ICX were running. BNA doesn't let me rediscover them, is the only way to get them monitored by deleting the old entries (assumingly loosing all the old metrics then)  or is there another way to get the new devices rediscovered and monitored in BNA ?

When I try to connect to the new switches using the CLI-through-server feature, I get a "not connected via..." message, however when I try to connect to the VDX series from the BNA server machine using putty, connection works. Also, trying to rediscover leads to a not ending "SNMP reading values" window of BNA.

Can someone help ?

Thank you.

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Re: BNA 12.4 - replaced ICX switches with VDX, BNA won´t rediscover them

If you replace a device with the same sort of device - e.g. due to a hardware replacement - then BNA will update properly.


If you change to a different device type, you will need to delete the old one first, before BNA will replace it.


The metrics will change between devices - e.g. different CPU configuration, different interface indexes, types, etc. There's no meaningful way for BNA to keep both sets of data.

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