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BNA 12.3.3 Firmware download operation failed on switch using FTP

I have used BNA before to upgrade my 300 SAN switch.  I recently upgraded BNA to 12.3.3  I am having an issue with communications.  I have the firmware in the repository, the swtich is being managed by BNA on my laptop.. The SCP and FTP tests in BNA are successfull.  BNA is managing the 300 just fine.  When I attempt to download the firmware to the switch I get a failure:


Firmware download operation failed on switch using FTP


Disabling FTP and using SCP gives the same failure for SCP.  netstat on my laptop shows TCP 21 and 22 listening. Windows firewall is disabled.


I did see an schannel error in win events at one point, so perhaps when the switch tries to fetch the firmware from BNA the a cert err is causing the issue? There should be no cert issue for FTP.


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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