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BNA 12.1.4 connection to SCOM 2012 R2

We are trying to show the important messages from BNA 12.1.4 in SCOM 2012 R2.


What software FloraHolland uses:

- Scom 2012 R2

- Brocade NA 12.1.4

- Brocade NA MP


Problem -> We try to register a scom server in NA, like this:

Add SCOM Server.png

After a while we get:

 HP B-Series SAN Network Advisor Message.png

Our comment on this error -> The error text from NA is totally wrong, because the MP is installed on the Scom server and works fine.

 BNA ManagementPack.png


Also we see in Scom 2012R2 monitoring, so the MP is ok and imported.

 MP Imported.png

error (2): When we click FABRICS in the Scom 2012R2 monitoring interface we get:

BNA error2.png

This error is understandable because the scom server will not register on the NA server! (see error (1))

error (3): The sytem eventvwr on the NA server we see this:

BNA error3.png

Now this error (3) triggers us, because NA still uses the scomregistration2007.exe instead of scomregistration2012.exe !


Remember we use Scom 2012 R2. And YES registration worked on the old FloraHolland Scom 2007R2 enviroment.


Now there is another way to register your scom server with the CLI, like this:

C:\Program Files\HP B-series SAN Network Advisor 12.1.4\bin>scomregistration2012.exe


scomregistration.exe <scomserver> <user> <domain> <password> <command>

Where,   <command> is one of:


                CheckRegistration <Network Advisor Folder Name>

                Register <Network Advisor Folder Name> <Network Advisor FabricsInfo URL>

                Unregister <Network Advisor Folder Name>

But we do not exactly know what parameters we should use: Register <Network Advisor Folder Name?> <Network Advisor FabricsInfo URL?>



 Our Questions:

- Why does NA still use scomregistration2007.exe instead of scomregistartion2012.exe?

- What parameters do we have to enter in the CLI with scomregistration2012.exe (so we do not have to use the grafical interface)?

- Is this a known problem/bug whitin NA?

- Maybe there’s another work aroud?

- Are we doing something wrong?


Thanks very much!

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Re: BNA 12.1.4 connection to SCOM 2012 R2

I am in the same boat (with 12.1.6); did you find a resolution?


From the command line I get the following error on the Network Advisor Folder Name:


"ERR107: Unknown error. : Verification failed with 1 errors:
Error 1:
Found error in 2|HPBseriesSANNetworkAdvisor.FabricView||HPBseriesSANNetworkAdvisor.FabricView|| with message:
XSD verification failed for the management pack. [Line: 0, Position: 0] System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaValidationException: The 'ID' attribute is invalid - The value 'xxxxxxx' is invalid according to its datatype ManagementPackUniqueIdentifier' - The Pattern constraint failed. ---> System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaException: The Pattern constraint failed."

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Re: BNA 12.1.4 connection to SCOM 2012 R2

Is the issue I we have solved in the next version of BNA (12.3.x) ?

I could not find anything in the documentation ……..


Does anyone know?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: BNA 12.1.4 connection to SCOM 2012 R2



I googled the same error message to find this post. Here is how i manage to overcome this issue:


1. Move away scomregistration2007.exe from bin folder of BNA installation path

2. Make a copy of scomregistration2012.exe and rename it to scomregistration2007.exe

3. Register again


It just works!



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