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BNA 12.1.3 Unable to add fabric

Hi, my snmp v3 settings are all default as well as my ACL.

Recently i've tried to add a fabric that I can ping from the BNA server, as well as logon with the username and password I use for monitoring purposes.

The message I get from Discover/Fabrics/Add is a box that states ! Connection timed out.


There are no error messages in the log or on the switch. The ip address i'm using is the same IP address that I logon to the switch and can ping - ie.Ethernet IP Address.


3 weeks ago this switch was able to be added to BNA, but support asked me to delete it after they suspected an ACL entry (now removed) was causing the issue. This though has now meant that I am unable to add the switch into BNA in its entirety.


This was recommended to try to resolve the amount of SNMP issues we have where BNA constantly complains about a once discovered switch being unable to be reached due to SNMP issues.


Any ideas as this is extremely limiting!


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