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BNA 12.0

Hi all

Any one has BNA 12.0 in use.

Can some one check on "Locate" option in PerformaceDashboard and in materLog, when you right-click on any message.

Locate option on Performance Dashboard works pretty good, but the one on Masterlog is not upto it.

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Re: BNA 12.0

Yes thats Correct even for me tooo

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Re: BNA 12.0

Moved to Management Software forum



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Re: BNA 12.0

It should give you location of the switch . Could be a bug . Let me investigate and get back .


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Re: BNA 12.0


I do not see any relevant misbehavior, the only thing i see it that when the Source Name in the Masterlog is the IP Address instead of the switch name, the locate option does not work.


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