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Alternative OID's for counters “swFCPortTxWords” & “swFCPortRxWords” in v8.x


In the latest version 8.x, the two metrics “swFCPortTxWords” & “swFCPortRxWords are obsolated.


While seraching for alternative metrics for these two, I've found following metrics which are seems to be equivalent to “swFCPortTxWords” & “swFCPortRxWords  what we were getting in older versions 7.x



TABLE 62 portStats64Show command

stat64_wtx Number of 4-byte words transmitted.
Object: connUnitPortStatCountTxElements multiplied by four
Table name: connUnitPortStatTable

stat64_wrx Number of 4-byte words received.
Object: connUnitPortStatCountRxElements multiplied by four
Table name: connUnitPortStatTable



Can you confirm if we can use counters "connUnitPortStatCountTxElements" and "connUnitPortStatCountRxElements" as an alternative in v8.x?


If yes, then please also let me know how can I get output values of  "connUnitPortStatCountTxElements" and "connUnitPortStatCountRxElements" in MBytes.

Amit Dhane

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