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2005-B16 SNMP Configuration

Hello All,

I am currently trying to fix the SNMP configuration of our B16s. When we upgraded from FOS 4 to 6.1.1d the SNMP configuration broke. Everything else on the 16Bs seems to be working quite well (we followed the upgrade procedure to the letter). Currently we are using Orion to pull snmp information and it doesn't seem to be wroking too well. We are using SNMPv1 and on the Switch Administration Java page under SNMP we have our community string, recipient, port number, and access control configured correctly. When we try to use Orion to see the SNMP traffic we are not able to connect to the switch. Any and all advice is welcome.

Thank you

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Re: 2005-B16 SNMP Configuration

Figured it out. ACL has to be configured even though you specify the destination in the SNMPv1 connection string.

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