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Search Functionality in Community Topics

Apologies if I missed the functionality but I see no option to narrow down the topics in Discussions, I like to be able to sort by, Date, auther, replies, topic etc.

Without this functionality I am going through lot of posts to find one that is relevant, did I miss any thing, if not can the website be enhanced in the future to add this functionality..


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Re: Search Functionality in Community Topics

After successfully login, in Home, right on the top, see my screen.


I search in this example for DCX, as you can se the flag with result open, and you can see more threads related to DCX.


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Re: Search Functionality in Community Topics

How does one setup a screen name to replace the email addy that appears on posts ? Sorry about thread hijacking.
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Re: Search Functionality in Community Topics

[ Edited ]

To change you displayed name... from the homepage, click on My Settings, the first tab is where you will see "Login name"... this is editable... please change this to how you wish your name displayed.


Additionally, there is a "My Settings" option at the top of the page.




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