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ICX 7250 collaboration issue with the Lumina SDN controller

Hello dear Community,


I'd be very thanksful if you could assist me with an issue.​

I would like to connect my Brocade ICX 7250-48 (SW-version: 08.0.80cT213​) to the Lumina Flow Manager (version 7.3.0).
The SDN controller is already installed and the connection between my laptop and the controller is established too. You can see the output of the Brocade CLI command "show openflow" in the appendix.



Openflow is enabled on ports 1/1/1 to 1/1/12 in normal mode (with the CLI command: openflow enable layer23).
They are also untagged in vlan 156.


So here is my senario: i have two hosts (pc1 with the ip address and pc2 with the ip address
I've created two flows in Lumina Flow Manager, one flow from pc1 to pc2 with the match "input port of pc1" and as action "output port of pc2"
and the second flow i have configured from pc2 to pc1 with the match "input port of pc 2" and as action "output port of pc 1".
In my opinion they could be able to ping each other. but they can't!


So i have two questions:

1) After creating the flows, when i check the configuration of flows on flow manager, their output port was automatically set to "SDN controller", but why? (because of this they are not able to ping each other)

2) Why hosts are not detected automatically by the SDN controller? (I mean i can not see pc1 and pc2 on the topology view of the SDN controller, but i can see the Brocade switch)


I would be very greateful , if you could help me with this.

Best regards,


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Re: ICX 7250 collaboration issue with the Lumina SDN controller



ICX Switch line was acquired by Ruckus, please post your question on their Ruckus Community

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Re: ICX 7250 collaboration issue with the Lumina SDN controller



Please contact the team over at - they can assist with your SDN Controller issue.





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