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Doubts about snmp-server view to filter traps.

Hi all,


I'm trying to monitorice with HP IMC my brocade fastiron switches with 7.3.0 software.


I would like the traps in my switches. For that I need to create snmp-server view. In the manual, page 1786 you can read this:


All MIB objects are automatically excluded from any view unless they are explicitly included;therefore, when creating views using the snmp-server view command, indicate which portion of theMIB you want users to access.


I would like to receive a trap only if the port 1/1/0 goes down or UP. The only way to succes this is excluding all portsand including only the 1/1/10 . And I have also had to add snmpmibobjets string and mgmt string.... excluded included snmpmibobjets mgmt


¿I need excluded first all interfaces? Why I need add mgmt and snmpmibobjets to the snmp-server view?


Thanks all.


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Re: Doubts about snmp-server view to filter traps.

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due acquisition by Ruckus, ICX Switches are not longer supported by Brocade. Please post you question  in they Community.



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