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Discussion Forum Ground Rules

Ground Rules

To maintain a constructive, informative, and helpful environment for discussion, the Brocade Community Moderators reviews messages and may edit or remove those that don't adhere to the following ground rules:


  1. Make sure to use the Search the Community tool in the top right to search by keywords or content for existing threads that may already answer or address your question.
  2. Do not post messages that are inflammatory or nonconstructive about Brocade.
  3. Do not post messages that contain offensive language or references or personal attacks against other forum participants.
  4. Do not post the same message in multiple forums.
  5. Do not post unsolicited messages (including "spams").
  6. For in-depth technical trouble shooting, you will need to go through the Brocade Technical Assistance Center (TAC).
  7. Review the Terms and Conditions for a further resource.


Failure to adhere to these terms may terminate your ability to post topics, or reply to messages in the forums.

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