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Registered: ‎06-02-2011

Brocade, It's time for some script friendly output options on your SAN switches...

I've been working to get the output from various commands (switchshow, porterrshow, nsshow, etc.) into Powershell so that I can work with it. Not an easy task.


Brocade, your product is the one I choose. "Cisco who?"

So, now you need to help me feel the love in return.


It's time for you to add some options to your commands.


-csv  -  To output data in CSV format

-xml  -  To output data in XML format


Those two options added to your data output commands would make our (the SAN admins of the World) lives MUCH easier.


Please, please, please do this. It's time for you to update and be compatible with the rest of the World.


Thank you for hearing me. I look forward to your new level of ease to work with coming soon.


Your loyal customer, end-user, supporter,

Robert Shugrue

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