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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

Universal Temporary Licenses for Optional FOS Features For Use During 2014

by Mike Eversole ‎01-14-2014 09:28 AM - edited ‎01-14-2014 09:38 AM (6,015 Views)


With the release of Fabric OS v6.3.0, Brocade now supports Universal Temporary Licenses (UTLs, also known as “Universal Time-based Licenses”) for select features. These licenses allow optional features to be enabled on Brocade products for a limited period of time for evaluation or temporary-use purposes. Customers that have ordered a permanent license for a feature may install and use a UTL prior to receiving the permanent license.


Universal Temporary Licenses differ from other temporary or permanent licenses in that they do not need to be uniquely generated for each switch, thus making them “universally” applicable. The same UTL for a given feature can be installed on multiple switches. Please note that once a UTL for a feature has been installed on a switch, it can never be installed again. Once the Universal Temporary License expires on a switch, a general temporary or permanent license must be installed to continue using the feature.


Notes on the Use of Universal Temporary Licenses

  • UTLs will not be recognized by products operating with versions of FOS prior to v6.3.0.
  • Products with UTLs that are downgraded to a version of FOS below v6.3.0 will lose the licensed feature functionality.
  • UTLs are valid for a period of 60 days after installation on a given switch.
  • UTLs have a “shelf life” expiration date after which they can no longer be installed on any product. The set of keys on this page can be installed on any switch operating with FOS v6.3.0 or later up until January 1, 2015.
  • UTLs cannot be removed, but the features they enable can be disabled.
  • All feature settings configured while using a UTL are retained when a permanent license is later installed.
  • The licenseShow command will display a list of all installed licenses on a switch and will also indicate the expiration date of any temporary licenses installed.
  • UTLs are installed on a switch in the same manner as other licenses. Refer to the Fabric OS Administrator’s Guide for details.


The following is a comprehensive list of Universal Temporary Licenses available and supported by Fabric OS (FOS) v6.3.0 and later unless otherwise noted. Licensed features not listed below are NOT available as temporary or Universal Temporary Licenses:


  • Full Fabric (E_Port) License (for all platforms except 5430, 5431, and 5432) JmmZNHG9tAtrFRLAKDEWXCmWmAaKJ4TKaPRtDMTAYQArfA7g7B
  • Full Fabric (E_Port) License (for 5430, 5431, and 5432 embedded switches only) BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPTKQ49Fg3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaASPZC

  • Extended Fabric License BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYmTKQ49Ft3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaAJ3ME

  • Advanced Performance Monitoring (Performance Monitoring) License BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPZKQ49Ft3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaASMFD


  • High Performance Extension License BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPTBQ49Ft3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaAStKF

  • Integrated Routing License BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPTKN49Ft3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaAfF4B

  • Adaptive Networking License BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPTKQZ9Ft3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaAStFG

  • 10GbE License (Slot-based, enables feature for up to four slots) BFfCYfHE9SJaGZYPTKQ49Bt3NYPM9FYaPMR77GWGJDaTLEHGKZJDSHm9

  • Advanced Extension License (Slot-based, enables feature for up to four slots) BFfCYfHE9SJaGZYPTKQ49Pt3NYPM9FYaPMR77GWGJDaTLEHGKZJDA3ZC

  • Advanced FICON Acceleration License (Slot-based, enables feature for up to four slots) BFfCYfHE9SJaGZYPTKQ49Zt3NYPM9FYaPMR77GWGJDaTLEHGKZJDSYEf

  • Server Application Optimization License BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPTKQ49Fm3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaAS9ZH

  • FICON Management Server (CUP) License BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPTMQ49Ft3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaAA4aE

  • Enhanced Group Management (EGM) License BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPTKQt9Ft3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaAfmYE

  • Enterprise ICL License (FOS v7.0.1 and later)

  • Fabric Vision (FOS v7.2.0 and later) BFfCYfHE9SKaGZYPTKQ49FR3NYPM9FYaPXFaRBWGgMGFaAEZ3C
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