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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents


by Anonymous ‎11-19-2003 04:00 PM - edited ‎10-30-2013 01:50 PM (1,116 Views)


This script will log onto any number of swithes specified in an IP file using a telnet interface. A file will be written to with the output of the temperatures. Combined with a cron job or scheduled task creates a timeline of temperature which can be developed for monitoring of the environment and health of the switches.


Operating System Windows NT

Interface Perl 5.6.1

Fabric Operating System Any that support the tempshow command.

Other Must have a perl telnet module.



Developed on perl 5.6.1 using the Net::Telnet module. $MOMPROMPT is the pattern of the command prompt seen when logged into the switch. You must specify a log on name ad password in unencrypted format. This was just quickly written to diagnose why a couple of our switches were rebooting.


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