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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents


by on ‎09-12-2003 01:00 AM (1,303 Views)



This utility will log into a switch and will get switchshow output. <br/>




Operating System Windows NT/2K <br/>


Interface CLI <br/>


Fabric Operating System One of the following at a minimum:<br/>




3.0 <br/>

4.0 <br/>


Other Usage: switchshow <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href="">-ip IpAddress</a> <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href="">-u User</a> <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href="">-p Password</a> <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href="">-d DomainId</a> <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href="">-n SwitchName</a> <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href="">-w Switch wwn

by Anonymous
on ‎03-16-2005 12:00 AM

A nice idea that is flawed by a couple of points :

2. I can't simply give it an IP/user/password and get a switchshow of what's there, I need to know more about the destination switch i.e. either the domain id, the switch name or the WWN. It would also have been nice to include the source to allow further tuning by others.