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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

Fabric OS upgrade and downgrade

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Brocade does not support upgrading from more than two previous releases, for example,

upgrading from Fabric OS v5.1.x to v5.3.x is supported but upgrading from Fabric OS v5.0.x

or a previous release directly to v5.3.x is not.

Upgrading a switch from Fabric OS v5.0.x or a previous release to v5.3.0 requires a two-step

process: first upgrade to v5.1.x or v5.2.x and then upgrade to v5.3.0. In addition, prior to

upgrading to v5.3.0 Device-based routing must not be in use, otherwise the upgrade will fail.

Upgrading to Fabric OS v6.0.0 is only allowed from Fabric OS v5.3.x.

FOS / SAS version requirements for FA4-18 and AP7600:

All products supported by Fabric OS v6.2.X or v6.1.2_CEEx can be upgraded to Fabric OS v6.3. The

following is a list of products that can be upgraded to Fabric OS v6.3:

• 5424/5410/5480, 4100, 4900, 5000, 300, 5100, 5300, 7500/7500E, 7600, 8000, 48000, BES,

  DCX-4S and DCX

Is their an OEM switch, and they do not know the model here is a list with all of Brocade's switch types.

Use a "switchshow" command to list the switch Type number.

For FOS Upgrade begin with Release 6.0.x, Brocade FOS Target Path

FICON Code Upgrade Guide

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I was looking for the type of silkworm series 3850 type switch. This is very useful..