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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

Fabric OS Supported Switches

by on ‎12-04-2009 10:32 AM (2,300 Views)

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  • This simple table show Supported fabric OS Version by Switch Model. for exact compatibility between two
  • release ( as example 5.2.x with 6.1.x ) in a Productive environments , refer please the Release Notes.



Switch Fabric OS Version
1000 1.x
2100,2400, 2210,2240
3000, 3200,3800 3.2.x
3250, 3850,3900 5.3.x
200 6.2.x
4100 6.3.x
4900 6.3.x
5000 6.3.x
300 6.3.x
5100 6.3.x
5300 6.3.x
7500, 7500E 6.3.x
7600 6.3.x
7800 6.3.x
7800 6.3.x
8000 6.3.x
Director Fabric OS Version
12000 5.0.x
24000 5.3.x
48000 6.3.x
DCX 6.3.x
DCX-4S 6.3.x
Director Application Blade Fabric OS Version






FOS / NOS based Switch Types and Product Names


Fabric OS upgrade and downgrade