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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

Fabric OS Manuals and Release Notes Download.

by on ‎02-01-2010 09:31 PM (636 Views)

to Download DOC

go to

-> documentation
-> Product Manuals
-> Documentation

Select -> Fabric Operating Systems (Fabric OS )

Select the FOS Release to download all the Manuals you need

to Download RN

go to

-> documentation
-> Release Notes - TAB -
-> Release Notes - LINK -

Select -> Fabric Operating Systems Release Notes

by Anonymous
on ‎02-02-2010 01:27 PM

Unfortunately, the Release Notes page only listed FOS v2.6.2 -v4.4.x.   The Release Notes for FOS 5.x and 6.x that most of use are running are not available.   I had to open a service call to get them!

on ‎02-02-2010 11:16 PM

I have report this at several time to brocade, but no success. You can open a new Threads in the

Community Info and Feedback

if you need any RN in the meantime, please let me know.