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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

Expect/Perl-based switch backup

by Anonymous ‎01-30-2005 11:22 PM - edited ‎10-30-2013 01:45 PM (1,283 Views)


A script written in Perl using the Expect module to run configuploads on a crypt-ed list of switches and admin passwords.



Operating System Tested on SunOS 5.8 with Perl 5.8.5 from, but should work with any Perl 5.8.5 with Expect and IO-Stty, IO-Tty modules.

Interface Perl 5.8.5 with the following modules:

Fabric Operating System Various 2.6.X, 3.0.X tested, should work with most/all with minor tweaks if any.

Other Not Given



Plenty of room for enhancements, this was a quick write. The main thing it adds above others is support for a list of switches that have different passwords. I added /usr/bin/crypt for encryption of the list to provide at least a semblance of security on the plaintext passwords. Since the script prompts for some userid and password information it needs to run interactively, but could be updated easily to run in a batch mode if you're cool with embedding passwords or reading them from a file.



NOTE: This contribution was migrated by Brocade from the former Brocade Connect community on March 13, 2008, on behalf of the author.