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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

Brocade Network Advisor IP Only - Upgrade / Migration from 14.2.1 to 14.2.11

by on ‎04-23-2018 08:27 AM (1,814 Views)

This documents is related only to Upgrade / Migrate BNA 14.2.1 to BNA-IP Only 14.2.11

You can consider this DOC as a simple Upgrade/ Migration How-To Guide, however rather deals with a simple demonstration.


Begin with Version 14.2.10 BNA-IP Only don't longer support SAN device.


Content coming soon.


For BNA upgrade with SAN supported Device, see:


Brocade Network Advisor - Upgrade / Migration from 12.4.x to 14.0.1


Part 2: Brocade Network Advisor - Upgrade / Migration from 14.0.x to 14.2.x and above


by pfrancoeur
‎08-16-2018 08:48 AM - edited ‎08-16-2018 08:53 AM

Hi, any idea when (if) that document will be available? We have a client right now that needs to migrate from BNA 14.2.0 to BNA-IP 14.2.10 on Linux and I can't find any documentation on how to proceed. Thank you!

on ‎08-16-2018 09:19 PM



I'll try to do that in the next weeks, however I've already tested on windows and it's work.


Additional, keep in mind, BNA 14.2.10 / .11 is the latest Release is supported by Ruckus and Extreme.