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Fibre Channel (SAN) Technical Documents

Brocade Fabric OS Software License

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Optionally Licensed Software

Optionally licensed features in Fabric OS v6.3.1 include:

  • Brocade Ports on Demand — Allows customers to instantly scale the fabric by provisioning

additional ports via license key upgrade (applies to select models of switches).

  • Brocade Extended Fabrics — Provides greater than 10km of switched fabric connectivity at full

bandwidth over long distances (depending on platform this can be up to 3000km).

  • Brocade ISL Trunking — Provides the ability to aggregate multiple physical links into one logical link for enhanced network performance and fault tolerance. Also includes Access Gateway ISL Trunking on those products that support Access Gateway deployment.
  • Brocade Advanced Performance Monitoring — Enables performance monitoring of networked

storage resources. This license includes the TopTalkers feature.

  • High Performance Extension over FCIP/FC (formerly known as “FC-IP Services”) (For the

FR4-18i blade and Brocade 7500) — This license key also includes the FC-FastWrite feature and

IPsec capabilities.

  • Brocade Accelerator for FICON – This license enables unique FICON emulation support for

IBM’s Global Mirror (formerly XRC) application (including Hitachi Data Systems HXRC and

EMC’s XRC) as well as Tape Pipelining for all FICON tape and virtual tape systems to

significantly improve XRC and tape backup/recovery performance over virtually unlimited

distance for 7500, upgraded 7500E and FR4-18i.

  • Brocade Fabric Watch — Monitors mission-critical switch operations. Fabric Watch also

includes Port Fencing capabilities.

  • FICON Management Server — Also known as “CUP” (Control Unit Port), enables host-control

of switches in Mainframe environments.

  • ICL 16-link, or Inter Chassis Links – This license provides dedicated high-bandwidth links

between two Brocade DCX chassis, without consuming valuable front-end 8Gb ports. Each

chassis must have the 16-link ICL license installed in order to enable the full 16-link ICL

connections. (Available on the DCX only, previously known as simply the “ICL License” for


  • ICL 8-Link, or Inter Chassis Links – This license activates all eight links on ICL ports on a

DCX-4S chassis or half of the ICL bandwidth for each ICL port on the DCX platform by

enabling only eight links out of the sixteen links available. This allows users to purchase half the

bandwidth of DCX ICL ports initially and upgrade with an additional 8-link license to utilize the

full ICL bandwidth at a later time. This license is also useful for environments that wish to create

ICL connections between a DCX and a DCX-4S, the latter of which cannot support more than 8

links on an ICL port. Available on the DCX-4S and DCX platforms only (This license replaces

the original ICL license for the DCX-4S and is new for the DCX).

  • Enhanced Group Management — This license, available only on the DCX, DCX-4S and other

8G platforms, enables full management of the device in a datacenter fabric with deeper element

management functionality and greater management task aggregation throughout the environment.

This license is used in conjunction with Brocade’s Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM)

application software.

  • Adaptive Networking — Adaptive Networking provides a rich framework of capability allowing

a user to ensure high priority connections obtain the network resources necessary for optimum

performance, even in congested environments. The QoS SID/DID Prioritization and Ingress Rate

Limiting features are the first components of this license, and are fully available on all 8G


  • Integrated Routing — This license allows ports in a DCX, DCX-4S, 5300, 5100, 7800 or

Brocade Encryption Switch to be configured as EX_Ports or VEX_Ports supporting Fibre

Channel Routing. This eliminates the need to add an FR4-18i blade or use the 7500 for FCR

purposes, and also provides double the bandwidth for each FCR connection (when connected to

another 8G-capable port).

  • 7500E Upgrade (For the Brocade 7500E only) — This license allows customers to upgrade a 4-port

(2 FC ports and 2 GE ports) 7500E base to a full 18-port (16 FC ports and 2 GE ports) 7500

configuration and feature capability. The upgraded 7500E includes the complete High

Performance Extension license feature set.

  • Encryption Performance Upgrade — This license provides additional encryption processing

power. For the Brocade Encryption Switch or a DCX/DCX-4S, the Encryption Performance

License can be installed to enable full encryption processing power on the BES or on all FS8-18

blades installed in the DCX/DCX-4S chassis.

  • DataFort Compatibility — This license is required on the Brocade Encryption

Switch/DCX/DCX-4S with FS8-18 blade(s) to read & decrypt NetApp DataFort-encrypted disk

and tape LUNs. DataFort Compatibility License is also required on the Brocade Encryption

Switch or DCX/DCX-4S Backbone with FS8-18 Encryption Blade(s) installed to write & encrypt

the disk and tape LUNs in NetApp DataFort Mode (Metadata & Encryption Algorithm) so that

DataFort can read & decrypt these LUNs. DataFort Mode tape encryption and compression is

supported beginning with the FOS v6.2.0 release. Availability of the DataFort Compatibility

license is limited; contact your vendor for details.

  • Server Application Optimization — When deployed with Brocade Server Adapters, this license

optimizes overall application performance for physical servers and virtual machines by extending

virtual channels to the server infrastructure. Application specific traffic flows can be configured,

prioritized, and optimized throughout the entire data center infrastructure. This license is not

supported on the Brocade 8000.

  • FCoE — This license enables Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) functionality on the Brocade

8000. Without the FCoE license, the Brocade 8000 is a pure L2 Ethernet switch and will not

allow FCoE bridging or FCF capabilities. This license should always be installed with the 8000

FC Ports on Demand license.

  • 8000 FC Ports on Demand — This new license enables all eight FC ports on the Brocade 8000.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Most Brocade 8000 units shipped with FOS v6.1.2_CEE1 did not ship

with this license and need to have it installed prior to upgrading to FOS v6.3.1. Failure to do so

will result in disabling of FC ports following the upgrade. Please contact Brocade to obtain this

license key). This license should always be installed with the FCoE license.

  • 7800 Port Upgrade — This new license allows a Brocade 7800 to enable 16 FC ports (instead of

the base four ports) and six GbE ports (instead of the base two ports). This license is also

required to enable additional FCIP tunnels and also for advanced capabilities like tape read/write

pipelining. The Brocade 7800 must have the Port Upgrade license installed to add FICON

Management Sever (CUP) or Advanced Accelerator for FICON.

  • Advanced Extension – This new license enables two advanced extension features: FCIP

Trunking and Adaptive Rate Limiting. The FCIP Trunking feature allows multiple IP source and

destination address pairs (defined as FCIP Circuits) via multiple 1GbE or 10GbE interfaces to

provide a high bandwidth FCIP tunnel and failover resiliency. In addition, each FCIP circuit

supports four QoS classes (Class-F, Hi, Medium and Low Priority), each as a TCP connection.

The Adaptive Rate Limiting feature provides a minimum bandwidth guarantee for each tunnel

with full utilization of the available network bandwidth without impacting throughput

performance under high traffic load. This license is available on the 7800 and the DCX/DCX-4S

for the FX8-24 on an individual slot basis.

  • 10GbE FCIP – This new license enables the two 10GbE ports on the FX8-24. With this license,

two additional operating modes (in addition to 10 1GbE ports mode) can be selected:

o 10 1GbE ports and 1 10GbE port, or

o 2 10GbE ports

This license is available on the DCX/DCX-4S for the FX8-24 on an individual slot basis.

  • Advanced FICON Acceleration – This new licensed feature uses specialized data management

techniques and automated intelligence to accelerate FICON tape read and write and IBM Global

Mirror data replication operations over distance, while maintaining the integrity of command and

acknowledgement sequences. This license is available on the 7800 and the DCX/DCX-4S for the

FX8-24 on an individual slot basis.

Some models offer bundles that include 2 or more optionally licensed features. These bundles are defined

for each unique product, and are outside the scope of this release note document.

Temporary License Support

The following licenses are available for 45-day temporary use, with a maximum of two temporary

licenses per feature and per switch (90 days maximum):

  • Fabric (E_Port) license
  • Extended Fabric license
  • Trunking license
  • High Performance Extension license
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring license
  • Adaptive Networking license
  • Fabric Watch license
  • Integrated Routing license
  • Server Application Optimization(support as a temporary license is new in FOS v6.3)
  • Advanced Extension license (support is new in FOS v6.3)
  • Advanced FICON Acceleration license (support is new in FOS v6.3)
  • 10GbE FCIP license (support is new in FOS v6.3)

Note: Temporary Licenses for features available on a per slot basis enable the feature for any and all slots

in the chassis.

Universal Temporary License Support

The following list of licenses are available as Universal Temporary licenses, meaning the same

license key can be installed on any switch running FOS v6.3 or later that supports the specific feature.

Universal Temporary license keys can only be installed once on a particular switch, but can be

applied to as many switches as desired. Temporary use duration (the length of time the feature will

be enabled on a switch) is provided with the license key. All Universal Temporary license keys have

an expiration date upon which the license can no longer be installed on any unit.

  • Fabric (E_Port) license
  • Extended Fabric license
  • Trunking license
  • 149; High Performance Extension license
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring license
  • Adaptive Networking license
  • Fabric Watch license
  • Integrated Routing license
  • Server Application Optimization
  • Advanced Extension license
  • Advanced FICON Acceleration license
  • 10GbE license
  • FICON Management Server (CUP) license

Previously Licensed Software Now Part of Base FOS

The following capabilities are included as part of the base FOS capability and no additional purchase

or licensing is necessary:

  • Advanced Zoning and WebTools licenses are no longer necessary beginning with FOS v6.1.

These features are automatically enabled on all products running FOS v6.1 or later.

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