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Storage Networks

Brocade Fibre Channel SANs Deliver One-Two Punch for New EMC VSPEX Storage Solutions

by Jason.Nolet on ‎05-05-2015 09:20 AM (11,508 Views)

Saturday’s Fight of the Century in Las Vegas elevated Floyd Mayweather to global prominence as the world’s best welterweight boxer. 48-0; one shy of Rocky Marciano’s undefeated career record. Mayweather turned in a vintage performance as he outboxed Manny Pacquiao in a brilliant display to win a unanimous decision in one of the biggest fights in boxing history.


Like Saturday’s epic event, EMC made history today on the global Las Vegas stage at EMC World by bringing its heavyweight, high-end storage systems to the EMC VSPEX family, further strengthening its position as the undisputed, world champion of reference architectures sold exclusively through channel partners. Brocade is proud to be in the same corner as EMC for this new VSPEX solution, as the storage networking foundation, connecting EMC VMAX3 100K storage with high-performance servers.


With this new solution, EMC is meeting a huge need in helping VARs take-off-the-gloves to build higher-tiered solutions to better support mission critical data centers. The new VSPEX with VMAX3 100K redefines IT transformation by reducing hybrid cloud deployment time from months to days, a true body blow to today’s complex planning, sizing and testing.


For years, many VARs have taken it on the chin when it comes to delivering agile, hybrid cloud solutions that meet the needs for mid-range and large enterprises. Not anymore. Pound for pound, the EMC VSPEX with VMAX3 100K is the most powerful solution that VARs can deliver for enterprise scale, with unmatched data availability.


VSPEX with VMAX3 100K is purpose-built to deliver and manage predictable service levels at scale for hybrid clouds. This provides VARs with the ability to deliver solutions that seamlessly bridge enterprise-class, VMware private cloud deployments with public clouds, paving the way forward to hyperconsolidate and connect on- and off-premise workloads into a hybrid cloud environment.


The combination of EMC VMAX3 100K and Brocade Fibre Channel storage fabrics deliver a one-two punch that provide fully tested and easy-to-deploy solutions to enable the same reliability, agility and simplicity for enterprises who want to deliver services via hybrid-cloud IT architectures.


The SAN for VSPEX with VMAX3 100K is built on Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN switching and Fabric Vision™ monitoring and network diagnostic technologies. Branded and sold through the EMC Connectrix family, the Brocade SAN delivers predictable performance, unmatched resiliency and ultra-fast access to data stored on the EMC VMAX3 100K arrays, each of which are necessary for ensuring predictable service levels, at scale, for hybrid clouds.


Included is Brocade Fabric Vision technology and Brocade SAN Content Pack for vRealize, providing administrators with the ability to avoid sucker punches by anticipating problems before they impact operations. In addition, the two technologies combine to accelerate application performance and dramatically reduce operational costs.


Together, EMC and Brocade create a great fight card for VARs to fundamentally change what is possible in the data center, with the flexibility, performance and scale to address their customer’s unique IT needs.