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B-excited: Journey to the center of the Cloud

by Scott Shimomura on ‎08-25-2012 04:37 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 05:47 PM by Anonymous (5,953 Views)



                                                                                                                                  Photograph by Don Vu


If you recall the themes of the last three VMworlds, you will find yourself in a critical spot. Two years ago, you took the virtual road. Last year, you were in the cloud (Las Vegas physically). This year, the journey takes you to the center of the cloud – the data center.


Alright, what is the reason for 25,000 souls to converge into San Francisco?  Golden Gate? Well maybe.  Cirque du Soleil? Wrong city. Fisherman’s Wharf? Too fishy. America’s Cup. Too early.   No, they traveled here because of pain or, more formally stated - business requirements. The top three being:


  1. Improving operational efficiency and availability in the data center
  2. Deploying applications designed to work with cloud computing
  3. Smooth migration from existing data centers to the cloud


Therefore, the best reason for the cloud professionals to be in San Francisco is to find out how Brocade and VMware can address these weighty business issues as signified by the heavy clouds over “The City”.


1. Operational efficiency and availability in the data center

Brocade and VMware are working with our partners to provide virtual pods which are easy to deploy and operate. These are built using Brocade’s VCS (Virtual Cluster Switching) Ethernet FabricsPre-validated configurations are available today with our partners EMC, NetApp, HDS, Fujitsu and others. These can be used to drive better efficiency in the virtualized data center. Some of these solutions can be seen at Brocade’s booth (#901) in the show.


2. Deploying applications designed to work with cloud computing.

Brocade and VMware are working to enable the deployment of applications built for the cloud and the next generation data center (session SS1003). These new applications include virtual end user computing or VDI (session SPO3283) and mission critical applications re-designed to run with business continuity. Brocade and VMware are also working together to enable multi-tenancy in the cloud with new network virtualization technologies.


3. Smooth migration  from existing data centers to the cloud

Brocade and VMware are working together to provide customers with solutions to migrate to private and public clouds. As demonstrated by our business continuity solution (session SPO3284), customers can build clouds today consisting of very large Layer 2 networks within data centers. They can extend their clouds across multiple locations. They can plan to add multi-tenancy support using new network virtualization technologies such as VXLAN.


In three years, we have made the journey to the center of the cloud – the data center. In the coming days, we shall hear a lot about the software defined data center. The “software defined” concept was derived from SDN – Software Defined Networking. Only connect and you will see that the core of the data center is the network. The spot which Steve Herrod, VMware’s CTO, identified as: “The big buzz around the industry right now”. This is the spot where Brocade, VMware and other key partners are innovating and collaborating to deliver the promise of the cloud. This is why we should be excited as John McHugh, Brocade’s CMO, stated in his VMworld blog.


Are you excited? If not, why not? If yes, can you elaborate…