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B-essential: Gateway for a Better Cloud

by Scott Shimomura on ‎08-27-2012 03:15 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 05:46 PM by Anonymous (5,622 Views)



                                                                                                                       Photograph by Don Vu


At Today’s VMworld opening keynote today, Pat Gelsinger, VMware’s new CEO launched the vision of the software defined data center. Steve Herrod, VMware’s CTO, followed and highlighted the importance of software defined networking and VXLAN to deliver the promise of the virtualized data center and a better cloud.


Today, Brocade started showing how the Brocade ADX Series application delivery switches is capable of delivering highly scalable VXLAN (Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network) gateway services for virtualized networks using two customer use cases developed with VMware, our global strategic alliance partner.


Commenting on this joint collaboration, Allwyn Sequeira, VMware’s CTO & vice president of Networking and Security said: "Networking is a key resource of today's software-defined data center and its integration and alignment with other virtualized services is important. We are pleased Brocade is demonstrating the Brocade VXLAN gateway, which will enable customers to use VXLAN's scalability with applications and databases running in non-VXLAN networks".


VXLAN and other network virtualization technologies provide the capability to abstract and aggregate infrastructure resources. This enables organizations to provision and manage these resources more quickly and efficiently. VXLAN also allows network resources to be sliced into even more granular segments to support multi-tenancy so that more customers can be serviced with the same level of resources.


These benefits are compelling but there are three big obstacles. First, data center applications do not run on virtualized network today. Second, data center applications (Steve Herrod specifically mentioned SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint today) are multi-tiered. Third, at least one of the tiers (i.e. the database) often runs on physical hardware (e.g. Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server).


This is why the VXLAN gateway is essential.  With this capability, customers can use the Brocade ADX switches to connect VXLAN resources to the traditional Internet as well as run applications to span VXLAN and existing non-VXLAN networks.  This means that organizations can start to tap the benefits of VXLAN to support multi-tenancy and greatly scale applications and VMs deployments.


An example of this deployment is illustrated by the following VXLAN gateway solution enabled by the Brocade ADX switches.





As Steve Herrod mentioned in his keynote, other companies have also recognized the importance of VXLAN and network virtualization and have demos at VMworld as well.  So how is Brocade’s solution different?


First, the Brocade gateway service is implemented on ADX application delivery switches. This means that customers can use the ADX switches to load balance the workloads running in VMs inside VXLAN networks as well as in on-VXLAN networks.


Second, the ADX is integrated to vCenter with the Application Resource Broker to deliver global server load balancing. At last year’s VMworld, Brocade and EMC showed the ability to provide disaster avoidance and business continuation with VMware metro vMotion. With the ADX gateway, customers have the alternative option to implement disaster avoidance using VXLAN on existing networks. 


Third, two other benefits offered by the Brocade solution include network monitoring and troubleshooting for virtualized networks.


In the vCloud Suite and virtual data center demonstration at the opening keynote it was reaffirmed that “VXLAN is very important”. As VMware customer get their arms around the vision of the software define data center as the architecture for cloud computing; clearly virtualized networking is one of the most important parts of the architecture. Come to discuss the Brocade solution at Booth #901.With this VXLAN solution, Brocade provides customers with the practical ability to leverage their existing infrastructure and the essential gateway to move to a better cloud.