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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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zoning for switches in different blade enclosures

I used two Brocade FC-switches in one HP Blade c7000 enclosure with 3 zones defined on both of them. Now I get one more enclosure with 2 new FC-switches. I linked all four my switches (E-ports, one in my first enclosure to one in my second enclosure and the other in the first to the other in the second), and now I want to allow servers in my second c7000 enclosure to see the LUNs on the SAN that connected to FC-switches of the first enclosure. And here I am puzzled - I cannot understand how I can make servers in the second enclosure to see the ports on the first enclosure.

Please, give a hint.

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Re: zoning for switches in different blade enclosures

If I am understanding you correctly, you have already "merged" the fabrics which is half of the solution. A way to check this is to just open up the management screen on the first switche. You should be able to see the switch from the new blade chassis listed.

The next step would be to create new zones in the fabric connecting the new hosts to the storage.

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