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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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where can I download all FOS version of brocade 300?

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Curretly, I can't download all FOS version from v6.*** -> v7.*** 

When I go to download firmware then just only saw files pdf , I can't see FOS version in order to download, I have sent attach to file image.

Please help me, 

Thank you so much, :D

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Re: where can I download all FOS version of brocade 300?

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As a customer, my experience is that Brocade wants a valid maintenance contract for a device in order to access their downloads.  The code is licensed, and fixes/upgrades are available to maintenance entitled users.


As an OEM customer I have found that IBM/EMC/HP/Dell/... customers can look through the OEM support sites for these things.  In some cases the OEMs host them (EMC for instance) within their support site, and in other cases they pass you out to a Brocade OEM site.  In either case it is up to the OEM to vet whether or not you are entitled to the downloads, and they are not all as stringent.

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