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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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when areextended licenses required for 5300 switches?

I have a customer with 2 5300 SAN switches in existing data center and the purchased 2 new 6510 for new data center and they purchased an  8 pack of LWL 8G 10KM SFP.  The new 6510 were purchased with SW Enterprise Bundle so they have the extended lic's on those switches but the do not have them for the 5300's.  As the 2 data centers are  less than 10K apart on campus it was my understanding that no extended lic's is required to connect the two data center together.   please confirm if this is true.



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Re: when areextended licenses required for 5300 switches?

Yes, that's true. Extended Fabric licenses are required only for distances >10km. Nevertheless you need to configure the ports with the long wave SFPs for long distance operation (for the syntax see portcfglongdistance, and the long distance mode in your case would be LE).

But you should consider bying an Advanced Trunking license for the old switches. I guess you will connect each fabric with 2 ISLs. Failover between them will work without license, but with advanced trunking both ISLs would be used for dynamic loadbalancing of the traffic between the switches.

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