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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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what is meaning of number in the incompatible message


While working for a case,  a question comes up.

The customer reported switch/fabric segmentation while adding new switch to the existing switch/fabric.

The message displayed as shown below, but I  can find any info from docs for the incompatible 4 and 5 message.

As there are many different reasons of segmenation, I have checked all conditions, but looks ok except 2 questional points:

1. "switchshow" output  indicates zoning : OFF

2. portfillword of each ports by 'portcfgshow" shows 1 switch as "0", and the other switch shows "3".

the message like this:

warning, switch name, port #, Mode incompatible4


warning, switch name, port#, Mode incompatible5

Your tips will be highly appreciated.


jaeil lee

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Re: what is meaning of number in the incompatible message

Hi jaeil lee,

a Fill Word mismatch is a likely reason for an ISL to fail.

For a 4G link portCfgFillWord should be set to 0 on both sides.

Zoning=OFF means a new switch didn't get zoning configuration from the main fabric which is expected as they were unable to join yet.

Hope this helps,


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