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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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what device is OUI 000533

We have a couple of WWN numbers popping up in IBM Tivoli Peformance Console (TPC).



A lookup of the OUI 000533 says its from Brocade.


And looking at our switches and routers that OUI does not match anything we manage that is Brocade.


Researching on the internet I get the feeling this may be the SAN I/O passthrough Module for a Blade Server Chassis.

But that is just a guess on my part from the things I saw online.


Is there any way to pin down what the device type/model is so we can inform the group that manages those types of devices its throwing messages into TPC?


Thank you


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Re: what device is OUI 000533

Perhaps in the output of "nscamshow" on a Brocade switch you can figure out more about it, like which switch the WWN is connected to and from there look in the blade chassis.

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Re: what device is OUI 000533

That is the problem. These WWNs are not logged into any switch we manage in our group.

They are showing up in Tivoli Performance Console (TPC) so there is no data on our switches to query.


Because the vendor is coming up as Brocade and we use Brocade switches/routers we are being asked to identify the 000533 devices and resolve the issue in TPC.

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Re: what device is OUI 000533

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Hi tntntn,


If you can direct mesage the WWN to me i can try to look it up in the Brocade database and determine the exact device for you.

You can send email to



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Re: what device is OUI 000533

Most likely a Blade chassis with a switch configured as AG. Check with your server folks as the chassis-management software is likely to propagate this info as well so you might not pick it up directly.

Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen
Brocade Distinguished Architect The Fibre Channel blog

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